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Most people’s impression of a scythe is a woodworm and rust ridden implement hanging on the wall of a pub. However scythes now available should be regarded as a tool of the future, rather than a relict from the past. Continental scythe blades and snaths are continuing to evolve to make it even more ergonomic, and there is an expanding network of scythe enthusiasts and teachers across the UK. Presented here are numerous reasons for using a scythe. One or more of these may resonate with your interest or requirement.

The one disadvantage is that a certain level of knowhow and skill is required. That’s where I, or one of the other trainers around the country, come in.

Practical applications

Grass, rush, thistles, nettles and bracken can all be cut with a scythe. As the scythe is extremely portable it lends itself to operation in remote or inaccessible locations. Scythes are also good in tight spaces and for avoiding damage to objects such as trees in orchards. For further examples of what you can achieve, and what I can do for you, click on this link:

Why use a scythe?

Green values

Eco-sceptic practical benefits

Operator benefits   

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