Pratensis Countryside Services


Previous and ongoing scything projects

Mowing one-year ash stems

Regrowth from last year’s cut stems was cleared using a tough short ditch blade. The aim is to restore chalk grassland, with grazing by sheep to follow.

December 2015, south Wiltshire

Small wild flower meadow

This meadow is a recently acquired extension to a garden. Wild flowers are slowly spreading from seed introduced from nearby.

September 2014/2015, south Wiltshire

Long grass in a sloping garden

Numerous steeply sloping areas between smart lawns are mown with a scythe in late summer. The result is a very tidy, low cut. (Photo Andrew Dickson.)

Ongoing work, south Somerset

Mowing bracken

This steep slope is inaccessible to any other machinery. Cutting and raking off the bracken allows flowers such as bluebells to flourish the following spring.

July/Aug 2014/2015, private nature reserve, south Devon

Wild flower meadow

Former farmland is now part of an extensive modern garden. A July mow keeps nutrients down, to encourage flowers to spread. Flower-rich areas are cut later.

July 2015, north Dorset

Controlling overgrown grass

Grass areas in this large garden had been neglected for several years. Mowing the tangled layers with a scythe was difficult but there is no access for other machinery.

July 2014, north Devon

Reed harvesting with a scythe, Devon

Reed, destined for a thatched roof, was harvested from about an acre of intertidal zone along the river Exe. Click on the button below for more, including press cuttings.

January 2014 for private landowner:

Wildlife meadow restoration with a scythe

A team of seven scythesmen and women was assembled to mow tussocky grasses over two days, as part of the restoration of the meadow. (Photo Paul Roberts.)

May 2013 for private landowner, East Sussex

Wild flower meadow

This is a small (1/5 acre) newly established wild flower meadow. All was mown with a scythe and left in windrows.

September 2012 for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Reed harvest Jan 2014 (Flickr)