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Pratensis Countryside Services

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Selected previous projects and activities

hedge laying Wiltshire

Scythe training and scything work

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Pond restoration

Replacement of damaged old liner in established wildlife pond. (Image shows the pond before work.)

December 2015, private garden, Wiltshire.

Installation of new pond

Brand new wildlife pond installed in part of lawn.

September 2015, private garden, Wiltshire

Suppression of Crassula helmsii

Off-cuts of pond liner were used as a light suppresser to kill off this invasive aquatic alien.

November 2014, Wiltshire

Hedge laying

Hedge cut back and layed according to the Midlands style. The stakes and some of the hethers (bindings) were taken from the hedge itself.

November 2013, private garden, Somerset.

Garden composting system

Specification and installation of compost compartments for a large garden. Small gauge wire netting is attached to sturdy wooden posts and lined with cardboard.

October 2013, private garden, Somerset.

Stone, brick and timber landscaping

Hazardous steps rebuilt using reclaimed materials and made safe. Trellis sanctuary constructed on steep ground. Associated wall and path work.

June-August 2013, private garden, Somerset.

Hedge laying, Wiltshire

Hazel and thorn hedge layed, following the Midlands style. Side to highway shown.

February 2013, for private client

Pond restoration, Salisbury Hospital

Damaged pond liner was replaced for this 12m x 7m pond.  Fish and other pond life were kept in a tank during the work. For more info click on the button below.

December 2012 for Salisbury Hospicecare Trust

Farm Environment Plan survey, Wylye Valley

As part of the process for an application for Higher Level Stewardship, this survey was conducted on flood plain farmland in Wiltshire.

May 2012 for private client

Scythe work projects Pond work Dec 2012 (Flickr)