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Click here for details of what you will learn on a scythe training day, and dates of forthcoming scythe courses:

Here is a guide to buying an Austrian scythe:

Do you need some help managing your own area of land? Scythe work and other services can be provided. Here are some possibilities, and examples of work done:

The info pages are about various aspects of scythes that may be of interest or use to some people. Let me know!

I am an experienced scythesman and scythe trainer, based in North Dorset, England. This web site describes the services that I offer, and explores many aspects of scythe use. As part of the pursuit of local, low carbon methods, the use and promotion of the scythe is a core activity.

Scythe training can be provided throughout Wessex, and sometimes further afield. Austrian scythes are now available to buy on courses, as well as at other times

I can also come and carry out scythe work for you. This and a wide range of other countryside management services are offered, drawing on previous experience in the conservation sector.

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Chris Riley

Chris Riley – scythesman, scythe trainer and more Learn to scythe

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Pratensis means 'of meadows'. This, for example, is Cardamine pratensis, the Cuckoo Flower

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