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Austrian scythes can usually be purchased on the training day. The grips can then be set up correctly to fit you, and you can acquire one or more blades that are appropriate to your intended task. Please contact me beforehand if you are intending to buy.

Learn to mow with a scythe - course content

Scythe courses are based around lightweight Austrian scythes. Instruction is provided on the three interacting factors that make for successful mowing:

Throughout the training there are some important safety considerations, because of the razor sharp blades of course. Safe procedures are described for using the scythe, and for handling the blades on and off the snath. Cut resistant gloves are provided where appropriate.

The course programme also includes the following:

Information for group leaders and project officers

Generally groups of up to 8 participants can be accommodated, depending on assistance, and the number of scythes available for each participant to have their own. For groups with a common objective, the course content can be tailored to your requirements. An appropriate risk assessment will be carried out.

For mowing practice a main area of about 30m by 30m of grass should be available. It is best to learn on something that is easy to mow, rather than a neglected tangle of rank vegetation. However the presence of such difficult circumstances can also provide opportunity for demonstrating techniques for dealing with it.

The one day format is ideal, but sometimes shorter training sessions are possible. Longer courses are also possible, covering peening, grassland management, snath making or haymaking methods.

Photo Angela Peters